The Care & Feeding of Nunchucks

Learn how to take care of this fine piece of weaponry in three easy steps.The Care and Feeding of Nunchucks

  1. Polish your nunchucks frequently in public. The shinier they are, the more fear they will inflict on your opponents. Trust me, the more your care for your “twin sticks of destruction” the more people will keep their distance from you.
  2. Be sure to personalize your nunchucks. Stickers, decals, and permanent marker work best. It is always terrifying to see nunchucks flying toward you, but nunchucks with Hello Kitty stickers and pink flames? Skulls and dragon? This fight just got real.
  3. Keep them with you always. Let your nunchucks become part of you. Use them in everyday tasks to keep your skill honed. Try cracking eggs, turning off the light, or giving your brother a pat on the back. Use these opportunities to educate your friends and families about the world of nunchuckery.


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