About Clare

Clare’s first attempt at fiction, Where Are Rudolph’s Antlers, was made into a major motion picture when she was five. (def. Motion Picture: the annual family Christmas video to Nana.) But it was enough to inspire her to write such other gems as: Shipwrecked with Star Trek, The Princess and the Backstreet Boys, and Hearts Shattered: Why Junior Clare HaltomHigh Boys Suck Mud.

While the loss of those early literary works is mourned by scholars everywhere, Clare’s recent release, Just Call Me Ninja, has been hailed as “a literary work that will stand the test of time”[1] and “a good book, Honey”[2].

Clare lives in San Diego where she eats Pringles salt side down, tries to teach her dog to pick up her laundry, and writes whatever story is infecting her brain at the moment. She loves to hear from her readers on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ClareHaltom) and Twitter (@ClareHaltom).

[1] Haltom, Clare to her potted venus flytrap

[2] Haltom, Kay (Mom)

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